Meetings are not fit for purpose

Build business intelligence, not business cost. Automate meetings and create autonomy. Get business wide, real-time transparency of who’s doing what and when.

Business intelligence

Call… to action

No-one likes meetings. But that’s because they’re misunderstood.

Make meetings efficient business intelligence tools. Voice activated AI captures decisions and allocates actions in real time.

A screenshot showing how ActionsR can automatically capture actions and create tasks in tools like Trello
notifications showing a summary of what was said in the previous meeting

Automation & autonomy

Let’s pick this up where we left off

With detailed transcriptions and synopses of what happened — we cut out the noise and get straight to the important stuff.

No playing catch up, you’re a high performing, autonomous machine.

Real-time transparency

Be in two places
at once

Our AI and cutting edge knowledge graph surfaces insights from meetings across your organisation, in real time. It’s like having Google as your personal assistant.

You can answer that curveball without being in every show and tell.

A screenshot showing ActionsR recommending snippets from other meetings that might be relevant

Who was in the room
where it happened

Minutes, musings, muddled lines of responsibility are things of the past. A clear picture of who was in the room, what was said and the decisions made. Actions owned, actionsR.

But wait there's more…

Our products are built to enable high performing autonomous teams. They are...

Open source
& integrated

Built on open APIs — we’re open source and integrated

Private & secure
by default

You own your data, don’t let anyone tell you different

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